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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke is an television serial which airs on Zee . It started airing from 21 May 2012. It is the second most popular of the Zee recently. The story revolves around the two cousins Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) and Rachna (Mahima Makwana). Gunjan is a smart and courteous girl who lived with her mother in Mumbai and has a great love with her mother Sneha. But her mother diagnosed with cancer and died. After her death Gunjan’s father wants to take her with him in Austraila where he has a big budiness but Gunjan’s Maasi Shail request her father to take her with her family and then Gunjan shifted with her maasi into their house which is a joint house and headed by Shail’s husband  Dayal. There Gunjan is told to share the room with her cousin Rachna. Unlike Gunjan Rachna is a shy girl and belonged to a traditional family. And Gunjan was from Mumbai and brought up in a free enviroment. For Rachna Gunjan is a new window and is a ‘ajooba’. But the both are bonded strictly each other and the story revolved around their relationships. Will they both enjoy the happiness of live? Will Rachna bring the change in her life with Gunjan? For this see Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke!


Name Role Biography Picture

Roopal Tyagi


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Mahima Makwana


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Ankit Gera


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Zohaib Siddique

Rajiv Agrawal

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Vaishnavi Mcdonald Mahant


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Akanksha Gilani


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Manasi Salvi


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Rakhi Shukla


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