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Qubool Hai is an soap opera that airs on . This aris at 9.30 pm and produced by 4 Lions Films. The story is written by Jainesh Ejardar, Faizal Akhtar, Sunita, Divya Sharma and Aparajita Sharma and directed by Gul Khan and Nissar Khan. This dram is focused at the Muslim community. This is a social and revolves around the two Muslims family who are related with blood but they are separated due to circumstances. It is the story of two brothers and a girl. The brothers Ayaan and Asad who loved much each other but are separated by their families. It is about the journy of life and its trail and tribulations. The soap starring  Karan Singh Grover, Surbhi Jyoti, Rishab Sinha, Shalini Kapoor, Tej Sapru, Digangana Survyavanshi, and Shabman Sayeed.


Name Role Biography Picture

Karan Singh Grover

Asad Ahmed Khan

 Picture and Bio

Surbhi Jyoti


 Picture and Bio

Rishab Sinha

Ayaan Ahmed Khan

 Picture and Bio

Shalini Kapoor Sagar

Dilshad Rashid Ahmed Khan

 Picture and Bio

Archana Taide

Nikhat Ahmed Khan

 Picture and Bio

Sangeeta Kapure


 Picture and Bio

Vaquar Shaikh

Rashid Ahmed Khan

 Picture and Bio

Neha Lakshmi Iyer

Nazma Ahmed Khan

 Picture and Bio

Vidya Sinha

Asad’s Dadi

 Picture and Bio

Harsh Vasishta


 Picture and Bio


Shirin Rashid Ahmed Khan

 Picture and Bio

Digangana Suryavanshi

Nuzrat Ahmed Khan

 Picture and Bio

Tej Sapru

Head of the family

 Picture and Bio

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