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Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara is an Indian soap which airs on . It started airing  from June 18, 2012. This show has a high position in the Indian drama serial. It is first Indian dram which  beat the Uttran. This show is directed by Ashish Shrivastas and the story of its written by Rohini Niwani and Prabha. The story is revolved around the two lovers Aditya and Pankhuri. Both of them has different views about love. Aditya Kumar thinks than a man should not married and make his relationships with other it is due to the fact that his parents was separated in his childhood, but on the other hand Pankhuri thinks that a man should marry and a good and right partner can complete a person. This story is all about their relationships and is that how they married.


Name Role Biography Picture

Nakuul Mehta

Aditya Kumar

 Picture and Bio

Disha Parmar


 Picture and Bio

Alefia Kapadia


 Picture and Bio

Manasi Salvi

Avantika Deewan

 Picture and Bio

Bharti Sharma

Kamini Kaneria

 Picture and Bio

Khushwant Walia


 Picture and Bio

Mukesh Khanna

Purshottam Deewan

 Picture and Bio

Ashlesha Savant

Preeti Deewan

 Picture and Bio

Nitesh Pandey

Harish Kumar

 Picture and Bio

Priyanka Nayyar

Nisha Latikas mom

 Picture and Bio

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