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is an television series which is currently airing on . It started airing from 28th May 2012. The story is written by Shivani Shah, Abhishek Kumar, Gautam Hedge and Janaki V and directed by Ravindra Gautam. The story is basically about a girl who born on the set of Bollywood film. The girl is Madhubala (Drashti Dhami). Basically this story is the backdrop of Bollywood. Madhubala has beautiful shape and has much attraction for other in herself. But she has not desired to become a superstar. Basically she has simple desires like other girls. She has not want to enter the glamorous world or Bollywood film Industry, but it was her fate that took her in Bollywood. Her life changed when she meets with a Bollywood superstar Rishabh Kundra ‘RK’ (Vivian Dsena).


Name Role Biography Picture

Drashti Dhami

Madhubala Rishabh Kundra

  and Bio

Vivian Dsena

Rishabh Kundra/RK

  Pictures and Bio

Arti Puri

Trishna Chaudhary

 Pictures and Bio

Rakhi Vijan

Roma Malik

 Pictures and Bio

Manish Naggdev

Mukund Dixit

 Pictures and Bio

Indresh Malik


 Pictures and Bio

Pallavi Purohit

Padmini Chaudhary

 Pictures and Bio

Bhupinder Singhh

Shamsher Mallick

 Pictures and Bio

Ahsaas Channa

Swati Dixit

 Pictures and Bio

Lalit Parimoo


 Pictures and Bio

Sushmita Mukherjee

Dai Maa

 Pictures and Bio

Rakhi Shukla


 Pictures and Bio

Seema Mishra

Deepali Sikandar Bhatia

 Pictures and Bio

Usha Nadkarni

Mukund’s Mother

 Pictures and Bio

Raj Zutshi

Balraj Chaudhary

 Pictures and Bio

Shagufta Ali

Badi Chaudhrain

 Pictures and Bio

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