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– Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq is an soap opera that airs on . It started airing from 5th November 2012. The story is written by Dilip Jha, Archita Biswas Jha, Manoj Tripathi, Dheeraj Sarna and Anukalp Goswami and directed by Santram Verma. This the story of Meera (Mouni Roy). Meera’s mother Sudha (Shruti Ulfat) ran away from her husband Ramadhai Singh (sunil Sinha) as he wants to engaged Meera with an orphan Prithvi. Meera and her mother goes to the Delhi and settled there. Meera’a father Data Tlees his villagers that her wife and daughter died in a river. In Delhi her mother find the cancer and wishes her last wish to her daughter to unite with her family. So, the story is revolved around Meera’s married journey with orphan Prithvi to fulfill her mother’s last wish.


Name Role Biography Picture

Aditya Redij


 Picture and Bio

Mouni Roy


Picture and Bio

Ajay Chaudhary


 Picture and Bio

Shruti Ulfat

Sudha Singh

 Picture and Bio

Mitil Jain


 Picture and Bio

Sunil Sinha

Ramdhari Singh

 Picture and Bio

Shalini Kapoor

Sister in law of Ramdhari Singh

 Picture and Bio

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