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Jeannie Aur Juju is an comedy and fantasy that airs on SAB . It started airing from 5th November 2012. It is based on the American show I Dream Of Jeannie. The story is written by Kumar Bhatia and directed by Jai Singh. The story is based on fantasy adventures of Jeannie (a genie) and a pilot Vikram Khanna. It started when the pilot of Fly High Airlines makes an emergency landing on an island. There he met with an 2,000 years old genie which has trapped in the bottal. He incidentally leave her from the bottal and genie which named as Jeannie fall in love with him as he solve her problem. She follows him in his own world and solve his many problems, which was created by herself. She also named him as Juju. This is a romantic and fantasy story between two lovers.


Name Role Biography Picture

Giaa Manek


 Picture and Bio

Ali Asgar


 Picture and Bio

Navina Bole


 Picture and Bio

Muni Jha

Captain Vicky’z dad

 Picture and Bio

Kurush Deboo

Dr. Cyrus Doctor

 Picture and Bio

Jhumma Mitra

Durga Sen

 Picture and Bio

Ashiesh Roy

Chatur Sen

 Picture and Bio

Harsh Khurana

Captain Virendra Lakhanpal (Vela)

 Picture and Bio

Farida Jalal


 Picture and Bio

Shoma Anand

Captain Vicky’s mom

 Picture and Bio

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