I am dating and will get marry soon: Shiny Doshi


Shiny Doshi hot legs in blue cocktail dress 2013

in blue cocktail dress 2013


Drama :- I will get marry : Shiny Doshi

Indian actress Shiny Doshi who has maked her dream debut on small screen with ’s first daily soap ‘’ revealed that she is . She said,” Yes, I’m committed. I am someone from the industry and he’s actually from Ahmedabad. He has been very supportive and I want to get married to him soon!” She belonged to Ahmedabad and loved Ahmedabad. She said about her family,” Everybody in my family is into academics. My mom is very artistic. So I thought I’ll do something related to art which is why I studied fashion designing in Ahmedabad. I love Ahmedabad and all my friends are there. I really miss home.”


Shiny Doshi hot in blue kurti 2013

Shiny Doshi hot in blue kurti 2013

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