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Ghar Aaja Pardesi is an soap opera that airs on . The story is about a girl who is going to find her father who has been lost in her very early age and a long time ago. She is finding him on her life’s turning point where she is going to marry. It is a non-fiction series that first time is represented by . The story is also tell about Bhavani Shankar Mishra (Vikram Gokhale). He is the head of his family and is the husband of Janmi Mishra (Smita Jaykar). Janki is very traditional and thinks her husband as God for herself and always tries to fulfill her wishes and not thinks about going against his wishes.


Name Role Biography Picture

Ruchi Savarn


 Picture and Bio

Vikram Gokhale

Bhavani Shankar Mishra

 Picture and Bio

Mahesh Thakur


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Janmi Mishra

Smita Jaykar

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