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? is an soap opera that airs on V India. It started airing from 3rd December 2012. Basically this show is based on the American show Pretty Little Liars. The story is about the three best friends who thinks that they will remain best friends forever. The friends are including Ela Kapoor (Charlie Chauhan), Sanjana Roy (Fenil Umrigar) and Vinita Maheshwari (Shritama Muker jee). The all are the friends since childhood. The story began when there became a four friends Varun Mittal (Yuvraj Thakur). Varun commits suicide at a Valentine’s Day Party. It was due to the fact that he propose his love to Ela and Sanjana slaps him to do this. After doing this Ela goes to Varun and asks him to apologies Sanju, but doing this he professes his love to Sanju, but he she doesn’t accept his proposal and due to the  frustration Varun commits suicide.


Name Role Biography Picture
Charlie Chauhan Ela Kapoor    and Bio
Fenil Umrigar Sanjana Roy   Pictures and Bio
Shritama Mukherjee Vinita Maheshwari   Pictures and Bio
Yuvraj Thakur Varun Mittal   Pictures and Bio

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