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Anamika is an Television series that airs on Sony Entertainment Television India and also on Sony Entertainment Television Asia. It started airing form 26th November 2012. It is a supernatural touch love story. The story is about two lover Jeet (Mudit Nayyar) and Rano (Annie Gill). Rano and Jeet meet in a forst where Jeet’s car was broke down and after giving it to a mechanic for repairs he took the lift from Rano who was going to Jammu with her sister. They have fall in love in this journey. Rano has also gifted a bracelet to Jeet but he has lost it in her car and next day Rano gave him. Both have deeply loved with each other, but there is happened a strange with Jeet that he heard the voice of a strange girl and seen running her around his. It was later known that she is  Anamika and love with Jeet. It has also revealed that she is a witch and wants to revenge from Rano and snatched Jeet form her. Let’s see will Rano married with Rano?



Name Role Biography Picture

Mudit Nayyar

Jeet Saluja

 Picture and Bio

Annie Gill


 Picture and Bio

Simran Kaur


 Picture and Bio

Hemant Chadha


 Picture and Bio

Sonia Kaur


 Picture and Bio

Kamaljeet Kaur


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