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Amrit Manthan is an television soap opera that airs on . It started airing from 26th February 2012. The story is written by Sonali Jaffar, Gaurav Sharma, Vibha Singh and M P Anamika and directed by Romesh Karla and Neeraj Baliyan. This the unusual story of two sisters that are the worst enemies of each others. This the story of two sisters Amrit (Adaa Khan) and Nimrit (Abkita Sharma). The sisters has very weak relationships with each others due to their circumstances. Both are belonged from a royal family which is facing the financial ruin. Amrit is vey beautiful and Nimrit is shy. A rich man Agam Malik wants to marry with Amrit, but on her married day he forced Nimrit to marry and they married each other. Due to this the two sisters are become the worst enemies. Amrit tries to kill Nimrit but she survive. The story is revolved around their bad and worst relationships.


Name Role Biography Picture

Ankita Sharma

Nimrit Agam Malik

 Picture and Bio

Adaa Khan

Amrit Agam Malik

 Picture and Bio

Waseem Mushtaq

Tej Malik

 Picture and Bio

Dimple Jhangiani

Shivanghi Singh

 Picture and Bio

Navi Bhangu

Agam Malik

 Picture and Bio

Mohan Kapur

S.J. Oberoi

 Picture and Bio

Amit Dhawan


 Picture and Bio

SP Lalwani


 Picture and Bio

Amardeep Jha

Rajmata Manpreet Kaur Sodhi

 Picture and Bio

Nandita Puri

Rani Rippan Kaur Sodhi

 Picture and Bio

Kishwer Merchantt


 Picture and Bio

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