Statistician Has A Masterplan To Sell Sex Toys To Cam Models

Abelino Hahn from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a Sex Blogger and Statistician, is a 31 year old Half-German Half-French man, currently living in Taiwan, who has a huge fetish for starting at a big butt popping out of formal trousers. He walks through the streets and roads of Taiwan during the holidays, that are notorious for having several office and career women walking by in formal dresses, to be able to look at big buttocks in trousers. When he can’t find any, he comes back home and chats with a big ass model on one of the best cam sites, and demands her to wear a formal trouser for her and stand straight with her webcam focused on her ass.

Throughout history, long cocks and its possessors have been envied, discriminated against and the same has been the case with the women who were married to the possessors of such big cocks. The tradition still follows in many of the African, Aboriginal and Indian tribes that don’t wear clothes. For the first time in History, the men with big cocks have been able to live such a comfortable life. People talk of the Feminist Movement when it comes to the rights of the women, and all other sorts of movements and events when it comes to the rights of other categories of people. Nobody ever thinks or writes about how miserable the lives of non-elite men with big dicks has always been. I assume 95% of the so-called well-informed and well-read people don’t even know about the discrimination that men with big cocks faced throughout the history.

Abelino Hahn

Abelino writes selling sex toys is the perfect business for anyone who doesn’t have much of a budget to start a business and has no previous experience or knowledge about running one. He writes it is a pity that even after being aware of this fact , most people looking to start a small business with a little budget, never start a sex toy business either due to their religious beliefs or because they are too shy and care a lot about what their neighbours, their relatives, friends and others would say.