Aliens Invented Escort And Massage Services Long Before The Humans On Planet Earth Did

I personally love to study Phycology as a hobby and I believe that the cure for the POIS is hidden within it.

One of the things that I have observed among my friends that suffer with POIS is that they tend to be less spiritual than the men who don’t suffer with this condition.

I believe that the mountains, rocks, soil, everything has life and I also believe that the aliens on the other planets and their creation is not visible to the human eye. And it wouldn’t be a surprise for me if it turns out that the aliens have done it better than the humans on their planet. Also, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if it turns out that the aliens have everything more advanced and in a better order than ourselves, and also, if they look better than us humans and other living beings on earth.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that the people on the other planets have live sex cam chat websites there and their cam models are willing to do a lot more for lesser sex chat prices as well.

I believe that now since everyone can see what’s going in any part of the world through the internet, massage tourism will surpass all other sorts of tourism and that includes business tourism; Nobody would be interested in seeing the beaches, the mountains, the skyscrapers, the wonders of the world, etc in the near future.

I also believe that we don’t attribute the respect that the sex toys deserve. It is my personal belief that the invention of the sex toys made possible the lives of the people easy, which indeed is responsible for the recent technological revolution more than anything else. Only the sexually satiated men and women are able to create something great other than the babies.

Statistician Has A Masterplan To Sell Sex Toys To Cam Models

Abelino Hahn from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a Sex Blogger and Statistician, is a 31 year old Half-German Half-French man, currently living in Taiwan, who has a huge fetish for starting at a big butt popping out of formal trousers. He walks through the streets and roads of Taiwan during the holidays, that are notorious for having several office and career women walking by in formal dresses, to be able to look at big buttocks in trousers. When he can’t find any, he comes back home and chats with a big ass model on one of the best cam sites, and demands her to wear a formal trouser for her and stand straight with her webcam focused on her ass.

Throughout history, long cocks and its possessors have been envied, discriminated against and the same has been the case with the women who were married to the possessors of such big cocks. The tradition still follows in many of the African, Aboriginal and Indian tribes that don’t wear clothes. For the first time in History, the men with big cocks have been able to live such a comfortable life. People talk of the Feminist Movement when it comes to the rights of the women, and all other sorts of movements and events when it comes to the rights of other categories of people. Nobody ever thinks or writes about how miserable the lives of non-elite men with big dicks has always been. I assume 95% of the so-called well-informed and well-read people don’t even know about the discrimination that men with big cocks faced throughout the history.

Abelino Hahn

Abelino writes selling sex toys is the perfect business for anyone who doesn’t have much of a budget to start a business and has no previous experience or knowledge about running one. He writes it is a pity that even after being aware of this fact , most people looking to start a small business with a little budget, never start a sex toy business either due to their religious beliefs or because they are too shy and care a lot about what their neighbours, their relatives, friends and others would say.

The sales of cucumbers has gone drastically down since the dildos have become so popular, claims a Chaturbate and Pro-Wrestling freak

I have a pro-wrestling and sex freak friend who also owns a couple of pro-wrestling and sex related blogs.

This friend of mine has a lot to say about the Ex-Head Writer of the WWE and WCW – Vince Russo, who is often found whining on different podcasts, including his own, which goes by the name ‘Brand’. My friend says that he should rename his podcast to ‘Brand Whiner’.

My friend claims that Vince Russo’s relationship with then WWE Chairman – Vince McMahon got bitter, because Vince asked for a raise and that too in a very unpolite way, which Vince was only willing to give him if he made his wife – Amy sleep with Vince every Saturday night, which made Vince very angry, but doesn’t tell about this to anyone who is not close to him. He adds that both the parties have decided to keep this fact a secret from the public, because it is not good for either of them.

This friend of mine claims that one of the most infamous pro-wrestlers of all time – Macho Man Randy Savage, never fucked Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of WWE Founder – Vince McMahon, but rather, Stephanie regularly used to have lesbian sex with Miss Elizabeth, the ex-wife of Macho Man Randy Savage, which Randy couldn’t digest and didn’t want to tell about to anyone, and made up this story with hundreds of flaws in it while he was drunk one night that he fucked Stephanie McMahon, which has no basis. In short, Randy Savage didn’t fuck Stephanie McMahon but Miss Elizabeth inserted a dildo in her pussy, just like those hot chicks do on Sex Stream Rooms Chaturbate.

Make Brazzers free and Make World Sexually Liberated Again – Matt Rubincam

Matt Rubincam from Fort Myers, Florida, imports and sells room heaters and other small heating equipment from India.

Matt is also a sex blogger who is notorious for writing controversial posts.

Matt writes on his blog that his dream is to have a sex orgy where hundreds of women will participate together and cum together as well.

Matt believes that the pornstars should be allowed to teach sex education schools after their retirement. He says that he appreciates the efforts of Nina Hartley but after his first and only meeting with her, has come to believe that she is arrogant and unorganized.

Matt claims water based sex lubricants can be used as hand sanitizers and they work as good as the real hand sanitizers for the job.

Matt writes on his blog that the first time he had anal sex with his wife, it was in a pick-up truck; They also lost their virginity to each other but not in a pick-up truck but in a luxury resort.

Matt believes that the Jerusalem is such a tranquil place just because the Jews have always been against strictly imposed celibacy and the holy cities of the East are just the opposite because they have always believed in sexual repression and still do.

Matt says that the governments should appoint women’s committee for making decisions regarding the porn industry. Matt also believes that one of the first decisions that such committee will take is to make the Brazzers a not-for-profit government company and make all the brazzers free videos available to the public globally, if not globally, then definitely to the western world.

Those Escorts in India eat testicles as an anti-aging and libido increasing food

I don’t know if you already know that they have a word for the peak sexual pleasure in the Hindi and Sanskrit language, and the word is ‘Charmsukh‘. The Hindus believe that the purpose of life is to attain the Charmsukh for as longer and as many times as possible and that’s the reason why the Hindus have believed in tantric sex for milleniums.

I have read the Hindu scriptures called the Vedas and the Upanishads for more than once and I believe that I am getting addicting to reading it for the kind of stuff mentioned in there. I was amazed to learn that the Hindu groom used to sniff the pussy of his bride on his wedding event and the Hindu bride used to kiss the dick of the groom on the same event. Some ancient Hindu tribes belonging to the current day Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan would also fuck on their wedding event in the public and the invitees would clap watching them.

Also, according to the Upanishads, Durga used to be the goddess of sex, but the invasion by several different cultures, tribes and nations, mainly the Muslims and Colonials, forced the Hindus to change it all so that they wouldn’t look weird.

I have been obsessed with the gorgeous South Goa escorts found in India, lately, and I am really glad to see that the quality of the Russian escorts in Goa, India is as good as it is in any major Russian city.

According to the Vedas, eating breast meat would increase a man’s libido and fertility, while eating cooked testicles would do the same for the woman, but both the genders have been warned in the same Vedas to not eat the opposite, otherwise the God Saturn becomes angry and brings bad luck to both the eater and their spouse.